About Ridgelift

Ridgelift Ventures is a seed investment and venture advisory firm.

Seed Investor

As a seed investor, we work with very early stage companies - often at the formation stage with the founders and a business idea. Working with the founders, we help develop the strategy and business plan for the company leveraging our unique combination of venture and operating experience.

We look to work with people and companies that are in the intersection of:

When we find a match, we will be a seed investor in the company and assist with raising capital. Our combination of both operating and venture experience allows us to provide insight and feedback that is critical to successful fund raising and company building in the early years.

Contact us to arrange an initial "No Harm, No Foul" meeting.

Venture Advisor

For investors or later stage companies, we can bring a fresh and independent perspective to:

Our approach begins with an informal meeting to discuss your needs and objectives - this helps us understand your requirements and allows us to tailor our involvement and approach to your specific needs.